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Musaf in Shul Club - Week 3

12/14/2023 10:58:17 PM


This week is Week 3 of the Musaf in Shul Club (MSC) that will go until January 27th (9 weeks). Children that have 7 tickets by the end of the session will be eligible to participate in a special trip to be announced this week. Please encourage your children to participate and stay in shul to daven with the main minyan for Musaf.

MSC is for boys and girls Grades 5-8 and optional for junior members in Grade 3 and 4. Any child that comes into shul and davens Musaf near a leader or their parent and is in shul through Adon Olam will earn 1 ticket. If a child leaves before Musaf is over or is in the lobby during Musaf they will not receive an MSC ticket.

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784