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About Rabbi Strickman

Rabbi Norman Strickman is Rabbi emeritus of the Marine Park Jewish Center in Brooklyn and is a Professor emeritus of Jewish Studies at Touro College in New York City. Dr. Strickman received his B.A. and M.H.L. degrees from Yeshiva University, and his Ph.D. from Dropsie University. Dr. Strickman is the recipient of the Histadrut Ha-Ivrit prize in Hebrew Literature and was awarded a grant from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. Rabbi Strickman has served as president of the Rabbinic Board of Flatbush and chairman of the Beth Din of the Rabbinical Council of America, Philadelphia region.  He has published a translation and annotation of Ibn Ezra’s commentary on the Pentateuch and on the Books of Psalms.  Rabbi Strickman has also authored an English translation and annotation of Ibn Ezra’s Yesod Morah. His writings have appeared in the Jewish Quarterly Review, Mid-stream, Bitzaron, Ha-Darom and Hakirah. Rabbi Strickman is married to Zahava. They have two children and three grandchildren all of whom served in tzahal. The Strickmans made aliyah in 2014 and live in Petach Tikvah, Israel.

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784