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Merkaz Yisrael of Marine Park – The Marine Park Jewish Center (MYMPJC) has served as the focal point of Jewish identity in the Marine Park community ever since its creation in 1932. It was, for many years, the only shul in Marine Park. Recently, the shul has helped attract new Jewish families to the Marine Park area. The shul has grown substantially, and it now offers an extended eruv, numerous shiurim, Shabbos groups for children, various chesed services and a Motzei Shabbos father-son learning program. Today, a vibrant young Torah community exists in Marine Park, with MYMPJC at its center. From its establishment nearly eight decades ago to its current revival, MYMPJC has been, and continues to be, a place of limud Torah, chesed and tzedakah.

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784